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We can still be parents

We love our children

Parents who suffer from mental illness or pain
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This community is for parents(parents to be are welcome as well) who suffer from a mental illness or a type of health problem. This is a support group because there are many mother's and father's who suffer from Depression or something else and can still parent their child. Then there are others who need support. This community is for all of that. To answer concerns about parenting as someone who is mentally ill or on disablity.

My name is Rachel and I am the moderator.
My journal is juniperbrze.
My AIM is Hailies s0ng if you ever need to talk.

My email is Jeweltippedroses@yahoo.com

This is a group for people who love their children and don't want to made the same mistake that our parents made. That want to parent our children and love them. If you are just interested in this subject please feel free to join, if this community feels right for you then join. All are welcome here :) If you are a teen that has a parent with a disability that effects you feel free to join as well :)

No flamers please.